4 Class/Event Rooms Available for Rent

SunDust offers an artsy space for creativity, fun, and teaching needs. Our teaching spaces are a great alternative to offices, homes, sterile hotel conference rooms! Looking for a place part time to make your creative dreams real! We are a creative studio and might be the right place for you! Become a member of our studio and rent space. This is not your typical rental. When you are part of our studio, you also have our marketing behind you! Renting time in our studio isn't renting an empty room and starting from scratch! We include with every space rental...

Discounts for longer rentals

Art Classroom Teaching Space Rentals

Teaching Space Hourly Rental Rates

$50 per hour for Yellow Room - 16 Seats

$60 per hour for Green Room - 26 Seats

$75 per hour for Orange Room - 50 Seats

Example: Sadie the Scrapbooking Teacher decides to teach a class. It is a one time class for two hours. Rent with us would be $50 per hour, so the class will cost $100 to rent teaching space. Sadie charges $30 per person for her class and gets 10 students. Sadie pays the $100 room rental rate and makes $200 for her 2 hour class!

  • Art Materials available for a fee or bring your own, Water and Coffee available, WiFi, Marketing assistance for your classes on our web site, Online registration for a fee, 100% of tuition from your students

Green Event Room - Seats 30 people 

Why re-create the wheel? We already have an amazing amount of materials, a great place to teach, and a proven 10 year record of customers and marketing tools in place. You get a great artsy space to teach in, a place away from your house, staff to help, and you get 100% of the tuition from your classes.

Yellow Event Room - Seats 24 people

Orange Event Room - Seats 50 people for workshops or meetings. 

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