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Paint & Pottery Party Studio

Paint Your Pet

Our most popular BYOB class that is sold out weeks ahead. After you register, you send us a picture of your pet to have it sketched to info@sundustgallery.com. We print out your picture, sketch it on a 16x20 inch canvas, and prepare a seat for you to paint the evening away. an artist and helpers walk around the room helping you to paint you pet. No artistic experience required; artists and non-artists alike are welcome and encouraged! All art supplies will be provided. 

Where to Send Pet Pictures

Once you register for one of our popular Pet Painting Classes, you will need to send us a picture of the pet you will be painting. Send a picture of one pet to petpictures@sundustgallery.com, so we can sketch it onto a canvas for your pet painting class. Be sure and give us the date of your class, your name, and any other information that will help us.


We understand your need to paint the perfect picture of your pet, but we also need to temper your expectations about your painting. We call our Pet Painting Classes "social art", you enjoy the evening, sip your beverage, and paint your pet. BUT...understand that if your not an artist, or if you have never painted, we can hold your hand but the painting will never look like Rembrandt painted it. Have fun, relax, and enjoy. You will be surprised how well you can do when you just have fun!