Paint & Take Ceramics

You get exceptional studio help to paint your canvas. We offer 16x20 canvas, paints, and art instructors. Because it can take several hours to paint your masterpiece, we allow Snacks and Drinks. NO Alcoholic beverages except during designated events 

We offer the convenience of Paint & Take ceramics. Great for kids and adults, because you can paint them, dry them, and take them home. No need to wait weeks to have them glazed and fired. We offer non-food safe figurines, creatures, trains, skulls, butterfly & fairy princess.

Walk In Art Lessons

No Reservations Needed No Sitting Fees

$20 per canvas


  • Paint anytime we are open!
  • Age Restrictions:  Appropriate for ages 5 and up.
  • Return to Finish: If you don't finish or have to leave, you can return to finish any day for free.
  • Younger Kids Need Parent Supervision
  • Just like an art lesson, but on your schedule! We offer awesome artsy help! You are never on your own! Check us out for something fun to do.
  • Think of it as an open art class, where you paint under supervision of an art instructor, but you can enter and leave anytime...

Open Studio - Walk In Art Lessons

No Reservations Needed No Sitting Fees

$20  & Up

Paint & Take Canvas

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